Renegotiation, Purchase of Loans and Purchase of Debt



When it is no longer possible to use the assignable margin, but it takes quick money to meet some financial need, what to do? Simple! In the market has a financial product called ” debt purchase ” or ” purchase of loan ” or even ” sale of debt loans .” The objective of this credit modality is to offer more facilities for Federal and Civil Public, Municipal and State Civil Servants for Retirees, Pensioners and Military of the three forces: Army, Navy and Aeronautics for both assets.


  Payroll deductible loans

  Payroll deductible loans


It can also be used by inactive people who already own or have made payroll deductible loans, and because they have used the full margin of the assignment they can no longer include any new discount to obtain new loan proposals.

The purchase of loans can be very advantageous for borrowers who have made payroll loans in banks and financial institutions when they applied very high interest rates at the time, including the collection of TACs, some insurance or the inclusion of money, as well as other fees embedded in installments monthly payments.

With the loan made to buy these debts, the customer can reduce the amount of the installments discounted in his payroll eliminating almost everything that was linked at the time the loans were granted.

Another indication is the renegotiation of debt or discharge of debts with purchase of loans , it is exclusive for those who only want to save costs by reducing the amounts of benefits that are being discounted monthly, also serves for those who want to focus their loans (debt consolidation) single bank or financial institution.

Very useful even for those who are in need of immediate cash and want to use this financial transaction in some cases and depending on several factors may even happen to spare money amounts. The leftover cash is returned to the borrower’s borrower who often gets a reasonable return value.

To avail the opportunity to make a purchase of loan debts , simply look for a retail or a financial bank and inquire if there is such a possibility. It is worth remembering that the best specialists in this type of financial transaction are the banking correspondents of banks such as Banco Paraná, BV Financeira financings, Banco Cacique, Banco Paraná, BMG loan bank, Banco Daycoval loan and many others.

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